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I write novels and short fiction about family, historical fiction, mystery, humor, and political satire (with a progressive bent). I’m finding that the themes of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and outrage tend to weave through my work.

In my former lives I was a factory laborer, a print journalist in New York City and Philadelphia, a California university professor, and author of three published books and numerous articles. Now I tell stories about people who have real problems.  I’m much happier.

Published: Sport and Play in American Life (McGraw-Hill, three editions), Athletes Game Plan for College & Career, (Peterson’s Guides), and Going the Distance (Peterson’s Guides/​Petrel Press).

Not yet published:

Max in Repose — three wives of Max live together after his death

Hangtown — historical fiction of linked stories about the California Gold Rush

Swine at Sea — political satire about an auto-didact and very verbal pig running for president

Altadena’s Demise — a semi-comic murder mystery

Bad Guys — a book of short stories about the trials and tribulations of rival Jewish/Italian gangs in New York City.


8 thoughts on “About SKFigler”

  1. Hi Steve,

    The idea that putting a woman or man on Mars is a great leap forward for human beings is baloney.

    If somehow we could genetically modify the gonads and or ovaries of Republicans so they so that they could feel compassion for the yacht-less, that would be something to be proud of.

    BTW, tomorrow, the 5th you can see Curiosity, the Mars rover, land in almost real-time (14 minutes for light to get here) at 10:30 p.m. — I thinks it’s on a Discovery channel.


  2. Steve…you’ve had so many re-incarnations in life…and done so many things! I love keeping up with your many successess….Keep writing!! Bambi

  3. Hey Steve — You’re such a good teacher, whether in front of a classroom or on a blog. Thanks for all the substantive information you pass on and for doing it with a smile in your tone.

    1. Louise,
      Funny thing, I liked but never loved doing sociology or teaching it, not the way I love writing fiction, writing about writing, reading good stories, talking about all this stuff. I have to drag myself away from it at night to get sleep. Been that way for twenty years. Only problem is that the marketing part is so far down my list.

    1. Thanks, Lorin, although I’m not sure whether the “Wahoo” in your comment refers to the cheer or the fish.

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