So, Congress-Idiots do get paid. Q#2: Why?

Okay, the overwhelming response to this humble blog-site’s question (Do Congress-Idiots keep getting paid during the government shut-down instigated by themselves?) was, Yes, they still receive their paychecks ($174,000/year) during the shutdown.  Why?  Because they are considered “essential” employees, just like those who work for the National Security Agency.

But, I repeat, why?  How “essential” could they be if they contrive to shut down the government they are supposed to be working in, with, and for?  That’s like me going to my old boss, Bob, and saying I’m going to shut down your store, Boss Bob, but I insist that you continue paying me my salary.

Does that make sense?  I’d sure like to hear from someone what sense it makes.  (I’ll probably hear from Boss Bob over coffee at Lily’s on Thursday.)

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2 Responses to So, Congress-Idiots do get paid. Q#2: Why?

  1. Tom Cochrun says:

    Pathetic isn’t it? Idiots!!

    • SKFigler says:

      Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately, we have to include ourselves in the idiot category, because we’ve lived with their self-destructive manifestation of great ideas (democracy, self-government, etc.) for these 2+ centuries.

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