Fess up, Mitt…and others!

Should Mitt Romney reveal his taxes for at least 10 years?

Absolutely, they ALL— anyone running for public office—should reveal their financial situations and how they got there and certainly where they’re hiding how much.  We’re their gol-dang bosses — so the myth goes.

We should make them undergo the Milgram Test.  Strap them to a shock generator—a real one— and ask them questions about their finances, who they influence and who influences them and with what prizes and goodies or simple cash.  The first lie earns them a little shock.  For each subsequent lie, the juice is turned up another notch or three.  Video the whole process and show it on YouTube every night.  What an audience it would get!  The networks would be reduced to showing re-runs of Mr. Ed the Talking Horse, Sky King, Soupy Sales, etc.  Or maybe re-runs of America’s Got Talent.

Here’s something else that has scratched at my craw for many, many moons:   What’s with  this  ritual of referring to Senators, etc.  as “The Honorable…?”  Where lies the basis for this verbal genuflection?  Why do we have to think of those elected to national office so royally while they’re in office, if not forever more?   We know that 73.472% of our elected Congress-slugs are as honest as a 2.9-Penny Opera.  Who granted them this honorific of “The Honorable…?”  Likely some earlier self-serving, back-scratching, beady-eyed version of Congress.

Wow, that felt good!