Who are they?

  • They count on weakness of resolve in the opposition.
  • They operate with the siege mentality (keep on bombing, no matter the cost, and the opposition will give in).
  • They are contemptuous not only of democratic (progressive; Rooseveltian) policy, but of the opinions of ordinary people.
  • They know best; after all, they’re rich and successful and Democrats work for them.
  • God (according to John Wesley, etc.) has given them wealth and power, therefore, they are right, no question about it.
  • They are America’s royalty, even though America supposedly has no royalty.
  • They allow no doubt (though some of them have it).  It’s a classic case of circular reasoning, reinforced, of course, by each other (which is known in adolescent circles as a “circle jerk.”)
  •  Even when they are in the minority, they act as if (1) they are in the majority, or (2) majority/minority doesn’t matter.
  • They see themselves as granite, even though they may be sinking in quicksand.
  • The very fact that “health reform is Mr. Obama’s signature domestic achievement,” is reason enough to prevent it from happening, even if the majority of Americans want it.
  • They will attack their own from further on the right rather than allow their own members to be soft on anything toward the center of right.

 (Read this again; it’ll make sense.  Sort of stream of ‘un’consciousness; think Snopes thinking in Faulkner.  Or, just let it ride and move on.)


  • When did American politics become dysfunctional?  (I think somewhere around 1800.)
  • We’ve been fortunate to survive, possibly by the grace of the Great Spirit.
  • Our government, all branches and persuasions of it, has ridden itself into a box canyon.  Like watching one of those old Westerns, we’ll certainly see what happens.  And please clean up around your seat.
  • Ask yourself this question:  Are “Democracy” and “Capitalism” incompatible?  See where it takes you.  (I’m asking you to think, not simply to react as you’re used to.)



2 thoughts on “Who are they?”

  1. You have given us much to think about, and I have been at it. All of what you state is troubling. But a fundamental fault is that our employees no longer behave like employees, but rather like a ruling class, with privilege, perk and arrogance. The Senate was always a kind of Upper Chamber in spirit as much as governance. The House once was a domicile of earnest thinkers as well as political dweebs. Now we have added layers of staff, an insular permanence, and the whole machine turns on money first and last. All of which further isolates we employers.

  2. Who are they? They are the Koch brothers. They cooked up this scheme the day after the election. Because they don’t believe in democracy. And the government has no mechanism to deal with their hostage-taking, because the Founding Fathers never anticipated this level of self-destructive idiocy.

    Think on the bright side: America’s enemies don’t need to fly airplanes into buildings any more. We’re doing it to ourselves.

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