No Fear

If you’re like most people, fear will be your traveling companion all the way along that road. It will whisper words like “failure,” and “hopeless” and tell you that your dream is doomed to fail.

Do not listen. Keep writing. Or singing. Or dancing. Or doing whatever it is you need to do to reach that dream that burns inside you.

And through it all, remember: fear is a liar.
Do not let it keep you from your dreams.

Above are the last few lines of an excellent message beautifully rendered by Susan Spann, a writer, mountain climber, and cancer survivor. It’s from the June 25, 2018, edition of “Writer unBoxed” a blog well worth following. To follow Susan Spann, use these links:, on Twitter (@SusanSpann), or on Facebook/SusanSpannBooks. Keep on keepin’ on (as we used to say).

I have no fear of writing; it’s what defines me and my days and nights. My fear is publishing, putting it out there subject to evaluation. But I’m overcoming it. Currently, I’m working on getting three of my finished novel mss out this year and three next year, if The Great Spirit grants me that time.

And, of course, I keep on writing.

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