Chapter 16 Jackass The class was outside by the horse barn.  The sun was warm and Henry smelled lots of different things, dirt, hay, old wood, Miss Lenahan's stinkwater---That's what Jacob called a lady's perfume--- and of course poop, which didn't smell so bad.  Henry watched Miss Lenahan stand tall, stretch her neck up, and pull her shoulders back like... Continue Reading

Dash Hammett on Crime Writing

Dashiell Hammett on writing crime fiction  (The Brooklyn Eagle Magazine http://www.thrillingdetective.com/non_fiction/i006.html, 1929): What I try to do is write a story about a detective rather than a detective story. Keeping the reader fooled until the last, possible moment is a good trick and I usually try to play it, but I can't attach more than secondary importance to it. The... Continue Reading

Will we learn?

The crucial question of our time: Will we learn from this coronavirus self-isolation and slow-down in our economy and whirlwind activity/cancerous growth/speed-drive? Will we ADJUST? Will humans become more humane (regarding not only animals, but the planet and each other)? But this is true: There will be tremendous pressure to go back to being the over-striving, self-important jerks we've been... Continue Reading