Deep Breathing

I haven’t posted anything for about six weeks, didn’t know why, not even working on the final draft of Hudson School, my next novel.  Then the election came roaring down the pike, the delayed results emerged, and suddenly I can breathe again, really breathe, deeply.  I didn’t know I had lost—no, misplaced—the ability to open up and take it in.  Like I had been living in a toxic environment, which I had, both physically and emotionally.

I Voted – LabelsUSA

So, I hope we can be kinder to ourselves and others now, while we take our Democracy less for granted.  Thomas Jefferson warned us always to keep our eyes and minds open to what our government is doing.  It will never be perfect, but it must be good.  With the Great Spirit’s help, we will make it safely  and sanely through until January 20, 2021.

And beyond.


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