Going the Distance

Today’s headlines make it clear that those who compete in collegiate sports face as many challenges off the field as on.  Low graduation rates, use of steroids, discrimination, exploitation——all are part of modern college athletics, no matter the sport or competitive division.  Going the Distance  meets these problems head-on, giving student-athletes inside advice on how to reach their academic and athletic potential.  It features practical advice on:

  • Adjusting to the demands of college athletics
  • Maintaining athletic and academic standards
  • Realistically sizing up one’s prospects for professional play
  • Staying drug-free
  • Dealing with the special concerns of female and black athletes
  • Parlaying athletic skills into marketable job qualifications and careers

illustrated with true-life stories of college athletes, Going the Distance is an indispensable handbook that shows student-athletes what they need to know to go the distance——from the first day on campus to graduation and beyond.

About the Authors:  

Stephen Figler is professor emeritus at California State University, Sacramento.  He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University and coached at the high school and collegiate levels.  Howard Figler, Ph.D., was a career consultant who counseled college student-athletes in large universities and small colleges.