Wisdom from Chief Acevedo

Wisdom trumps Wisdumb Please watch this video from Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.  He is wise and straight-forward.  My only kick is that he isn’t tougher on Trump, although he really can’t be in his position.   But we’d be far better off with more like this guy in positions of authority. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/6/2/1949766/-Police-chief-to-Trump-If-you-don-t-have-something-constructive-to-say-keep-your-mouth-shut?detail=emaildkre. Let's be wise in these tough times. ... Continue Reading

Will we learn?

The crucial question of our time: Will we learn from this coronavirus self-isolation and slow-down in our economy and whirlwind activity/cancerous growth/speed-drive? Will we ADJUST? Will humans become more humane (regarding not only animals, but the planet and each other)? But this is true: There will be tremendous pressure to go back to being the over-striving, self-important jerks we've been... Continue Reading