Writer’s Advice


HUDSON SCHOOL: a novel by SK Figler (Copyright, 2020 by SK Figler) HUDSON SCHOOL is a novel of two young brothers parked in a boarding school while Mother and Father do battle in divorce. Jacob is nearly 12; Henry is 6 ... and has just started to stutter. The year is 1947, and the story begins at---You guessed it---Hudson School... Continue Reading

My Love-Hate Relationship with Writing Advice

I have a spouse (roommate/compatriot/lover/best friend) who expresses strong ideas about my lack of self-promotion. I am in three critique groups, each worthy of my devotion. I have attended various writing retreats/programs (Centrum five times). I was in a masters degree writing program (UC-Davis) before blowing town. I spend several computer hours each day reading and researching about writing. And... Continue Reading