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    SK Figler spent many years in Placerville, CA and enjoys writing about historical events through the lens of fictional characters.

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    In my blog, I'll be posting my fiction writing as well as posting about fiction primarily for readers, which of course includes creators of stories. Posts will include insights and advice from great and good writers. Also some bad advice, which I hope I’ll recognize and point out, such as the age-old platitude to “write what you know,” which too many developing fiction creators misinterpret as "write ONLY what you know."

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    • Jackass

      Chapter 16 Jackass The class was outside by the horse barn.  The sun was warm and Henry smelled lots of different things, dirt, hay, old wood, Miss Lenahan’s stinkwater—That’s what Jacob called a lady’s perfume— and of course poop, which didn’t smell so bad.  Henry watched Miss Lenahan stand tall, stretch her neck up, and […]

    • Dash Hammett on Crime Writing

      Dashiell Hammett on writing crime fiction  (The Brooklyn Eagle Magazine, 1929): What I try to do is write a story about a detective rather than a detective story. Keeping the reader fooled until the last, possible moment is a good trick and I usually try to play it, but I can’t attach more than […]

    • Our Own Iwo

      Hudson School   Chapter  14 Our Own Iwo Henry is sitting on the floor up near the front with the other little kids with his legs crossed. Most of them are talking and poking each other. They’re excited about seeing another war movie. Henry’s elbows are on his knees and his hands are propping up […]