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    SK Figler spent many years in Placerville, CA and enjoys writing about historical events through the lens of fictional characters.

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    In my blog, I'll be posting my fiction writing as well as posting about fiction primarily for readers, which of course includes creators of stories. Posts will include insights and advice from great and good writers. Also some bad advice, which I hope I’ll recognize and point out, such as the age-old platitude to “write what you know,” which too many developing fiction creators misinterpret as "write ONLY what you know."

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    • Eastern Air

        Figler/HUDSON/Eastern Air SK Figler     Chapter ____ Eastern Air Jacob wanted the seat by the window and looked out the whole time, even when all he could see was clouds. Mother was on Henry’s other side where people walked forward and back. Mostly she knitted and smoked and drank something clear with ice, […]

    • The Impact of One Word

      I’m reading A Lesson Before Dying (1993), a novel by Ernest J. Gaines, and wondering why it took me so long to notice this marvelous work of fiction.  Following is a short scene showing how much can be done with a single simple word.  That word is “here,” and the situation digs into a donation […]

    • Our Leader’s “intelligence” test

      Guess which word we’ll be taking off on election day.