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    In my blog, I'll be posting my fiction writing as well as posting about fiction primarily for readers, which of course includes creators of stories. Posts will include insights and advice from great and good writers. Also some bad advice, which I hope I’ll recognize and point out, such as the age-old platitude to “write what you know,” which too many developing fiction creators misinterpret as "write ONLY what you know."

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    • Hudson School–Chapter 3

      by SK Figler Copyright 2020 by SK Figler Chapter 3 The Rules The skinny lady with short gray hair like a helmet and high heels takes us up some wide stairs with a fancy wood bannister. She’s ahead of us saying things about rules and meals and cleaning ourselves and our clothes, all without even […]

    • Hudson School – Chapter 2

      . Hudson School by SK Figler (Copyright SK Figler 2020) . .

    • HUDSON SCHOOL – Chapter 1

      HUDSON SCHOOL: a novel by SK Figler (Copyright, 2020 by SK Figler) HUDSON SCHOOL is a novel of two young brothers parked in a boarding school while Mother and Father do battle in divorce. Jacob is nearly 12; Henry is 6 … and has just started to stutter. The year is 1947, and the story […]