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    In my blog, I’ll be posting about fiction writing primarily for readers, which of course includes creators of stories. Posts will include insights and advice from great and good writers. Also some bad advice, which I hope I’ll recognize and point out, such as the age-old platitude to “write what you know.”

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    • Best Simile

      Literary writing often flows with similes and metaphors. Also, not so literary writing. And, of course, poetry. Here is the best simile I’ve yet encountered, and it comes from the pen of a critic, not a “creative” writer: “…tombstones cried out of the earth, like teeth around a scream.” This is from John Leonard upon […]

    • “Unrelateable” Heroes: new coinage, old problem

      Are we in a new era of word coinage? Bill Morris, who publishes on-line at The Millions, thinks so. He offers “fracking,” “illliquid,” and “repurpose” among other coinages. In the following excerpt, “relateable” is a new coinage in the context of a story’s main character. It’s particularly relevant to writers concerned with how readers might […]

    • BookTalk Nation — Check it out

      I have “discovered,” after about a year of hearing about it, an interesting, engaging, and useful blogsite called BookTalk Nation. On it you can hear half-hour interviews with authors of fiction and non-fiction books. You access the interview by computer at or by phone (212/563-5904). This is a fairly new enterprise sponsored jointly by […]