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    SK Figler spent many years in Placerville, CA and enjoys writing about historical events through the lens of fictional characters.

    About The Blog

    In my blog, I'll be posting my fiction writing as well as posting about fiction primarily for readers, which of course includes creators of stories. Posts will include insights and advice from great and good writers. Also some bad advice, which I hope I’ll recognize and point out, such as the age-old platitude to “write what you know,” which too many developing fiction creators misinterpret as "write ONLY what you know."

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    • “Crisco,” a short story

      This week’s post of fiction will be a little different.  It’s a short story with the same main characters—Jacob and Henry—but it doesn’t take place at Hudson School.  Rather, it occurs at summer camp around the same year.  It’s from Henry’s point of view looking back, but he relates the story in 1st person, rather […]

    • Chapter 13 – Lost in NYC

      Hudson School     Chapter 13 Lost in NYC Bela slid Henry over on the big slippery leather chair and sat on what was left of it. Half of her tuchas was on the seat and the other half wasn’t. She smiled at him but didn’t seem very happy. She dropped her bag on the […]

    • Chapter 12 – Fighter Pilot

      Hudson School     Chapter 12 Scrunched down in the cockpit, Henry flew by his gauges. Air-speed of 550 mph, above the clouds at 2000 feet, into in the Roor Valley, solo strafing run, mop-up action. “Hey, boychick. Vassamatta?” Henry raised his head to peek over the wing of his P-51 Mustang, careful not to […]